Our Story

dandelion KIDS originated in the winter of 2004 on Commercial Drive in Vancouver.  This location was situated in a busy Commercial Drive area where parents from all over the city, not only shopped but also stopped by to say hello, bump into old friends and make new ones. 


In spring of 2009, dandelion KIDS opened its current location in Suter Brook Village in Port Moody.  This growing community has been a great home for our Port Moody location as we continue to establish and foster relationships with our customers in the area and beyond.  Suter Brook Village has been home to a new daycare since fall of 2016 and with its expansion of the skytrain just around the corner, the store will find itself building more friends and clientele as it continues to operate in Port Moody.


dandelion KIDS is constantly developing, but it always remains true in reflecting the likes of the community and its shoppers.  It also strives to maintain the ever-growing development of a child and his/her well-being.  As a result, we make sure that we carry items that are not only safe for growing children but also stimulating for their minds.   We always try to look for fair-trade, organic, sustainable and recyclable products to add to our inventory that are a joy to use both practically and philosophically, while offering well-designed modern products for forward-thinking parents and anyone with children in their lives.  These beliefs and efforts can be seen in our stores and web environments containing high quality, award-winning, imagination-inspiring and educational toys as well as fashion-forward clothing and shoes that let kids be as individual as you can.


dandelion KIDS has embraced social media over the years to reach out to individuals beyond the community.  With the help of Twitter, Facebook, and now Instagram and Pinterest, our clientele has expanded and shoppers from all over have come to visit us and spend time shopping in our stores.  For those that have not had the opportunity to shop in store, many have purchased merchandise through the use of our webstore -- another convenient and fun way for customers to experience just what dandelion KIDS offers. 


Today, dandelion KIDS continues to be an environment where we continue to promote values that were established since its opening in 2004 and also grow with the times.  The carefully-selected merchandise is a fine balance between local designs and imports from all around the world.  Our selection caters to our local shoppers but also to visitors from around the world that know about the brands that we carry.


Our team focus is to succeed in maintaining and growing with our communities.  Each of us is trained in helping our clients select the ideal shoes, clothing, toys and whatever they may be looking for for that special child in their lives.  Our knowledge combined with exceptional customer service are things that we take very seriously at dandelion KIDS.