Yeah Canada! (September 2017)

Yeah Canada! (September 2017)

Take a look at just some of our featured Canadian brands!

We, at dandelion KIDS understand that there are brands from all around the world that you love seeing in our stores and those continue to featured at our Commercial Drive, Vancouver and Suter Brook Village, Port Moody locations every day.  We have carried products that you have come to love and recognize for years.  At the same time, we regularly bring in products from Canadian companies as we love supporting Canada and all ingenuity and creativity that we can offer to the world as well.  Some of these Canadian brands have made it beyond our borders and become so recognized that sometimes, they are forgotten as having originated right here in our very own country. 


3 Sprouts

Our 3 Sprouts collection at dandelion KIDS features adorable storage bins, laundry hampers, stroller caddies, bath towels, organizers and playmats just to name a few.  The animals that are featured on each one brighten up rooms and are perfect storage solutions for your child's room or any other place in the house.  One of our favourite features is that the storage boxes fit perfectly in the Ikea Kallax shelves.  


"3 Sprouts was created by three friends who share a love of babies and an appreciation for unique and modern products. Having worked in design in New York and Toronto for such high profile companies such as Kate Spade, Barneys New York and Holt Renfrew, we were inspired to create a collection that appealed to both parents and children."



Hatley first made its debut as a collection of paintings and aprons!  Since then, Hatley has really made its mark internationally.  Our Hatley selection has grown now to include pajamas, dinnerware, lunch boxes and clothing to accompany the umbrellas and waterproof raincoats that you have all come to love and look eagerly for in our stores as soon as the rainy season starts right here in Vancouver.


"It started over twenty years ago with a sense of humour, a talented painter Alice Oldland, her restless husband John, and The Little Blue House gift store in the lakeside village of North Hatley, Canada."

"Hatley designs are now sold around the world, and the three boys continue to ensure that Hatley stands for the same principles on which it started: family, good design, quality and of course, loads of laughs."



We love Minimoc!  Carrying and updating different colours of the classic Minimoc here at dandelion KIDS, we always strive to bring in new colours and styles to go along with the basics and neutrals that you like to see.  Have you been around to see some of the bright colours and sparkly Minimocs that we have in our stores today?


"The inspiration for these soft-sole shoes came from my desire to give custom, 'made-with-love' gifts to the many babies born to our friends. I made the first pair  out of left over scraps from Jeff's handmade leather wallets that he gave to the groomsmen at our wedding.  After gifting a few pairs to newborns I started receiving orders, we've been working on improving our design and growing our company ever since."
"Each pair of Minimoc moccasins are made with durable, hand inspected quality leather. When we source our leather we work back in the supply chain as far as we can. We work with suppliers who have relationships with reputable tanneries who treat their workers well. This means everyone involved in the process to make Minimoc products works in a safe environment, is respected, and treated fairly. Ethically sourced materials allow us to freely pick out unique styles and make each pair with love, care and attention, something the little feet in your life deserve."


Native Shoes

Every summer, our customers come in and smile when they see our wall of brightly coloured Native Shoes displayed up on the wall.  It's always a joy to see our little customers come in and pick the colours they they're drawn to and smile as soon as they find the perfect size that fits their feet.  Many of them walk right out the door without wanting to take them off.  


"Our vision in both footwear and philosophy, Keep it Lite is a sentiment passed along from soul to sole, the idea that each wander can be made a wonder. Since 2009 we have strived to simplify your day, beautify your environment, and make you and those around you smile through your superlative choice in footwear. Through our simple formula of innovation, originality, and the key ingredient — lite-ness — we’re spreading good shoes and better vibes to all corners of the globe."

"Beast Free has been an integral part of our DNA since day one. Not a hair nor hide on any animal, anywhere, has been used in the creation of our product. We’ve even been certified by PETA as an approved vegan brand."


People Footwear

People Footwear is truly amazing.  Our customers have been amazed at just how comfortable they are and love that they are the perfect shoe for looking cool while feeling comfortable.  Parents love how many of them can be put on without the necessity of having to tie laces yet still have the look of being laced up.  Arriving each season at dandelion KIDS with more colours and styles to choose from, People Footwear is becoming a more and more sought after item at dandelion KIDS. 


"Headquartered in Vancouver, People Footwear™ is dedicated to producing the next generation of casual footwear through the use of innovative materials and the latest in high–tech manufacturing. We imagine a future that is lighter, brighter, and more comfortable and we make the footwear to help take you there."



Every fall around this time, the rain starts coming and our selection of Kamik begins to take flight.  Kamik boots is something you will find every year at dandelion KIDS.  You are sure to find bright Kamik rain boots and snow boots every year at both our stores.  We love the pops of colours that Kamik comes up with for their Raindrops!  Did you notice the comfy and warm indoor shoes that joined our collection this fall?


"To this day, we’re still family owned and operated in Canada, alongside an extended family of over 400 employees. Each new pair of Kamiks comes with over 100 years of history and expertise. But that’s not to say we’re old fashioned. Even after four generations of proven quality, we’re still looking for new, sustainable ways to improve— from our manufacturing process right down to the finished product. It’s a longstanding commitment to keeping feet warm, dry, comfortable and happy."

"From domestic production to our recycling program to greener manufacturing initiatives, we’re doing everything we can do reduce our carbon footprint. It’s a commitment to our natural playground. And a dedication to products families can feel good about wearing."



We recently brought in Stonz rain boots at dandelion KIDS.  The response has been great.  Parents love that Stonz are made out of natural rubber and love the weight of them.  Regardless of what fit you little one is, you're sure to find a pair of rain boots among all the different ones that we carry.  Stonz is just another one that we just love at dandelion KIDS!


"Our product development follows the same guiding principle from the start: innovation with a purpose. We make functional, good quality, hereditary pieces that can be passed down from sibling to sibling."

"We continue to innovate with new product offerings …all based on your feedback and always solving a parent’s challenge of how to be outside longer, playing happily, with our kids."

"We are a proud Canadian company, based in Vancouver, BC. Our products are now sold in over 500 stores and in over 16 countries!"


And that's not all folks!  We carry many more Canadian brands and are sourcing out many more each day to support Canadian companies and their growth.  Please come by and visit our stores to see our selections.  


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