Welcome Turtledove London! (August 2017)

Welcome Turtledove London! (August 2017)

We sourced out this new brand to represent how black and white can be so adorably cute and edgy all at the same time.

This summer we decided to bring in a new and exciting brand at dandelion KIDS.  Response has been phenomenal as customers have provided feedback on how much they love the new addition.  UK-based company Turtledove London reflects love of design, and everyday beauty.
All clothing pieces are made of GOTS-certified organic cotton fabrics free of AZO dyestuffs.  Dresses, pants, shirts, rompers and more are a beautiful combination of fast fashion combined with comfort and sweetness. A cool laid-back look targets children from the size range of 0 - 5 years old but has recently started including children up to the age of 8.  Turtledove London clothing pieces strive to represent a calm childhood and the spontaneity of their creative play. Each piece is a reflection of today, enjoying the moment with seasonless garments to be worn throughout the year.  Comfort, reliability and a laid-back style are signature to every piece.
Turtledove London clothing is gender neutral and can be passed down to smaller friends and siblings as their designs have a timeless appeal and a simple colour palette. That is one of the features that we love about the brand.  We love the idea that pieces can be worn by boys and girls and their quality provides for a long life-time allowing the clothing to be passed on as we all know children grow quickly. 
Each collection celebrates one colour highlight to accentuate monochrome aesthetics.  Regardless of the colour pop, each piece complements the others equally well and the colours are always a nice addition to classic yet fun pieces that Turtledove London features each season.  
dandelion KIDS is happy to be able to have Turtledove London in our stores as of this year.  We hope that our shoppers will continue to love it as time goes.  Each piece that is brought in is carefully selected by our management team each season.  We make our selections based on the response of our customers in hopes to represent as many of them as we can as well as show a bit of our personalities at dandelion KIDS too.  Thanks for supporting us and our visions!  


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