Seasons Greetings (December 2017)

Seasons Greetings (December 2017)

T'was the night before Christmas... (Ode to Clement Clarke Moore)

T’was the night before Christmas when all through the store,

Everyone'd left early, just like the year before;

Families were home getting very well-prepared,

All the gifts and the food of which would be shared;

Children were excited to jump into bed,

Remembering everything that Santa had said;

The toys they’d asked for while sitting in his lap,

Might be under the tree after tonight’s long nap;

So, Mom stayed up wrapping, while I put up more lights,

We were all very ready to call it a night;

But then our little girl came out and stole a peek,

At the gift she’d asked Santa for just last week;

The glow in her eyes showed us she had approved,

She just stood there smiling and barely even moved;

Her expression was priceless – she loved her gift,

Yet now we were stuck, our minds had to shift,

Another surprise we scrambled to think of,

One that would awe her and make her feel love;

A glass of warm milk helped us turn her around,

Back to bed, she went without making a sound;

Now returning to work to think of a surprise,

That would bring her much joy tomorrow at sunrise;

Upstairs and downstairs -- we even looked down the hall,

We couldn’t find anything, anything at all;

As the hours quickly went by one after one,

We had to find a surprise before we were done;

So we finished wrapping everything that we had,

When we were all finished we were really quite glad;

Now we could both focus on the task at hand,

That happy surprise for our child now takes a stand;

We put our heads together to give it some thought,

We knew at this hour, this gift couldn’t be bought;

Our thoughts were then paused as we heard a quiet knock,

We looked through the peephole, smiled, then turned the lock;

Grandma had arrived two whole days early,

With a really big smile and her hair all curly;

We were happy to see her and loved all her visits,

She took off her coat and her warm woolen mitts;

In her big bag were a whole bunch of small things,

All resembling small boxes tied up with strings;

One at a time, they came out of her bag,

Each one of them had a name on a tag;

Placing them all just beneath our Christmas tree,

I looked at each one, wondering what it could be;

Speaking of wonders and gifts, I then recalled,

I still needed a surprise for my child and all;

But I was too late, all the rustling had woke her,

One sight of Grandma and she ran right on over;

She tugged at Grandma’s arm and said in her ear,

“Now Christmas is perfect because we’re all here.

My gifts mean much more when they can be shared,

With people that love me and truly do care.”

Why didn’t I see that this gift couldn’t be bought?

Family and love are worth way more than a lot.


Happy Christmas everyone from all of us at dandelion KIDS!



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