Our Strategy and Evolution (April 2017)

Our Strategy and Evolution (April 2017)

Thank you for helping us evolve.

Yeah yeah yeah..."April showers bring May flowers."  ;)

It was been quite a journey.  What is our strategy you say?  Our team would agree that it is just to be mindful of our customers and the little ones that they shop for.  It's the foundation of how we operate.  Whether we are dealing with making choices of inventory, selecting which suppliers we work with, merchandising our products and becoming knowledgeable of our products or working together with our customers -- it is to ensure they leave the store content with their purchases should they decide they want to shop with us that day they come in.  

There is still much to learn and sometimes it feels as if this apprenticeship will never end; and it probably never will because as part of our underlying strategy we realize that we need to change as everything around us changes.  Thus, you will also see us change as well -- hopefully for the better.  Over the course of time that you have been shopping with us, you probably have noticed change.  We have begun to expand our selection of items with the quality brands that you have come to recognize without constantly carrying the same products yet we have also made sure to restock the items that you love so much!  You may have noticed that we are now diversifying the price points of the items that we carry to suit customers of various budgets as well.  We will continue to see how we can best service our customers while finding that balance of operating dandelion KIDS so that it thrives.    

We all welcome change but rest assured that we will continue to provide you with the service and assistance that we can to help you fulfill your needs when you walk through our doors.  

Thank you for shopping at dandelion KIDS! 



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