Lest We Forget (November 2017)

Lest We Forget (November 2017)

It's not easy explaining Remembrance Day to children.

Remembrance Day is not an easy topic for parents to explain to their children.  We don't have the answers as to what the best approach is, but we hope that by providing you with a list of resources on our blog this month, you can look into different methods in which to approach the topic if you so choose to.  


8 Things You Can Do for Remembrance Day (CBC )



The Poppy Story (Youtube)



Remembrance Day Activities (DLTK's Crafts for Kids)



How to Talk to Your Kids about Remembrance Day (Huffington Post)



Explaining Remembrance Day to Children is a Challenge (Globe and Mail)



Remembrance Day:  Facts and Information (Primary Facts)



How to Explain Remembrance Day to Kids (Today's Parent)



Please take the time to be thankful for the country in which we live and for those that sacrificed and helped us achieve and build it.  Be grateful that we are able to make choices, believe in what we want to and raise our children in ways that we feel are fit.  We often forget that we have such freedom and peace; some countries can only dream of such luxuries.


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