They Learn So Fast! (June 2017)

They Learn So Fast!  (June 2017)

"Kids say the darnest things!"

Have you ever been out somewhere and your child innocently says or does something that they have encountered someone else say or do discreetly and under different circumstances?  Here are a few scenerios that I've collected over the last little while that might just make you smile.


During a walk through Home Depot in the lighting section.  A little boy points to a dome-shaped ceiling light secured by a bolt/screw in the middle and says just loudly enough to get the whole aisle of people looking at you, "Look Mommy!  Your boobies and nipples light up!"


While waiting in line to pay for my groceries, a women is paying while her little girl is in a shopping cart.  She looks at her mother, points at the cashier with a look of total shock on her face and asks her mother, "Mommy, why is she so fat?!?!?!"


A woman rubs her nose while at the dinner table in a quiet restaurant.  Seated at the table next to hers, a 2-year-old girl loudly calls out, "Don't pick your nose!"


My little nephew had been saying just a few words.  He had to have picked up that whenever their pet dog had done something wrong that his grandmother would firmly tell the dog, "Sit!"  One day when this boy's grandmother refused to let him do something, he got mad, looked her straight in the face and yelled while pointing at her, "Sit!"  



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