The Best Love of All (Feb 2018)

The Best Love of All  (Feb 2018)

The bond between a child and a parent grows and strengthens daily.

Long days and short years ago, a little girl came into this world.  It seemed like she was eager to see what was out there.  So, without much warning, she decided to surprise her mother and father with an early arrival. 

With one look at her, her parents knew that she was going to be the most important person to them from this day forward; and it seemed like she already knew how to respond.  It was apparent that she had a strong personality and an amazing sense of compassion.  She eyed her parents contently, snuggled up into her mother’s arms and drifted off to sleep comfortably knowing that she would always be safe and loved.

Before she turned one, she had already gone through more than many have.  Despite them being in the hospital, she had already had numerous sleepovers with other little ones of her age.  Along with others of her same age, she had made lifelong friends that share her story and seen her mother and father overcome phenomenal obstacles together.  However, no matter how busy and complicated life got, her parents always reminded her to be “happy happy” each day of her life and greeted her daily with a “good morning” and a warm smile – a smile that came from one heart and was felt by another.

This little girl continued to grow with the love and support from all her family as well as all the love she could possibly get from all her mother’s and father’s friends.  She wasn’t quick to accept just anyone and would always eye anyone that tried to pick her up before she warmed up to them and paid particular attention to how her mother and father interacted with guests that arrived for visits.  She seemed to know that if Mommy and Daddy were friendly with these visitors, it would then be ok for her to approach them as well.  The bond and trust she and her parents shared was truly amazing.

This family had to move out of her first home after a big change in their lives, but Mommy was there by her side during her first night sleeping in a completely different home and for several nights after until she felt that she was going to be perfectly happy and content sleeping again in her own room.  It didn’t take very long before she realized that she and her little stuffy, BB, were going to settle into this new home just fine and that Mommy was going to be there every night to put her to bed and be just down the hall until the next morning when she came back to say “good morning.”

She continues to grow and develop into an amazing human being, saying the most intuitive and insightful things and making her mother really think about their lives and the things they were grateful for, her daughter being at the top of the list.   Each day she wakes up she brings joy to her family and they always seem happier just having her there.  Hearing her, seeing her smile and being able to play with her and watch her grow into the human being that she is becoming is truly educational in the best way possible and there is no course or class that can teach what this child has taught her mother. 

The feeling and warmth that is felt daily when this girl’s mother goes to greet her with a good morning hug is one of the most amazing emotions she has ever felt.  Each hug from this little girl gives her so much strength and drive to get her through each day.  That’s when you know that you want to do anything and everything for someone.  The amount of love a child and a parent share is probably one of the strongest bonds of all and there’s no denying that it is truly the best love of all.   This is the kind of love that will keep growing, strengthen and take you through this life and beyond. 


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