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Changes (Jan 2017)

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Changes (Jan 2017)

Firstly, I'd like to say thanks for all the continued support from all our clientele, neighbours, team members, friends and family.  We have gone through a lot of changes in the last several months and continue to try to keep up and improve with each passing day.  

Our webstore was down for a little while as we changed over to a new platform and retail system.  Everyone at dandelion KIDS worked hard to learn very quickly how to create and manage a webstore via eCom and we continue to learn daily.  We thank all of our customers for their patience and understanding during this time that we have had to shut down our old webstore in order to create this current one.  Response has been very good.  People have been telling us how it is nice and easy to use.  Customers have been placing orders and we have been able to slowly reach out to those that have shopped with us in the past and maybe forgotten about us in the cyber world for a little while as we got everything back up and running again.  

We have also moved with the times in regards to social media.  Many of you may have noticed that we have started to post more regularly new products and features that have been coming into the store.  Some of you that follow us on Facebook may have noticed that we now have a "shop now" button that allows you to shop our webstore items right from your Facebook page.  We hope that that has provided some convenience and exposure to the products and beliefs that we support at dandelion KIDS.

Along with Facebook, we have spread the word through Twitter and Instagram.  Our team members have been keeping you up to date with various new arrivals and products that we feel our clientele would find interesting through our posts.  

Moving ahead with the times also meant that we needed to bring our gift card system up to date.  Now, at dandelion KIDS, we offer actual gift cards.  Yes, no more of the generic gift certificates that have our sticker on them.  We will still honour those that still have them, but when you now purchase a gift card with us, you will receive an actual card with our imprinted logo that allows for you to select any dollar amount and also reload as required when it runs out of funds.  These cards are also available for purchase on our webstore www.dandelionkids.ca.

Despite all the changes that we have been implementing, we still hold true the values and the belief that all people are created differently and thus we select products for our store that will help develop the individuality of all children.  We focus on allowing children to grow cognitively and imaginatively and hope that our carefully selected toys and crafts help them develop their creative minds.  Our clothing lines focus on style, comfort and individuality as well.  We always seek items from local vendors and artists to encourage local and handmade products.  However, we do recognize that visitors also come to us for brands that they may not easily find in any regular store and try to keep up with those requests to the best that we can.

As we continue into 2017, we hope that dandelion KIDS will continue to grow and thrive.  There will be changes that we will try to implement to help make shopping with us more enjoyable, but one thing is for sure.  We will always be there to greet you with a smile each time you walk through our doors at our Commercial Drive location in Vancouver and at our Suter Brook Village location in Port Moody.  All of us at dandelion KIDS value the relationships we have with eachother and with our clientele, and we are fully aware that we cannot thrive without the support of all of you.  Thank you once again!



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