National Geographic Redwoods video

National Geographic Redwoods Oct09 cover (small)I have to admit that I’m a full-blown National Geographic nut. I was flipping through some magazines the other day and came across the October 2009 issue. The cover story is about the Redwoods of Northern California The Tallest Trees, and the cover is absolutely brilliant (click the thumbnail to see it larger). I have to admit I think it’s pretty brave for a magazine to almost completely cover the magazine’s logo, and they put the redwood tree front and centre on this issue.

This cover story had me captivated, and I visited the National Geographic website right away, and came across the above video with some behind-the-scenes footage and info of how they shot the photo of this huge tree. Pretty incredible! You can see the full photo of tree here (on the right, click to see it huge – check out how small the men are in the red jackets), and see how they stitched all the dozens of photos together to make the beautiful fold out poster that comes with the issue.

Click here to see the full story on the National Geographic website.

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